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Yup- It's Me and ID Again

So first I'll start with my plea - please, someone out there tell me I am not the only obsessed One Direction fan over the age of thirty. Come on people, I am developing a complex.
And - an update - I caved and bought tickets on StubHub. I knew I would be so upset when they came to town and I wasn't there, especially following everything and seeing all the stuff on Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube.
I paid a lot, but it was a really smooth, nice transaction. And, darn it, I just want to go!
So, that's the latest on me and me five new favorite boys!

Still me and 1D

So no one responded to my last post...so dear lord... I think I am the only One Direction fan who is over thirty! Oh geez! Will that stop my obsessing...I doubt it.
I am crazed - Tumblr, AO3, Youtube - the works. I just can't stop.
And I am dying to see them in concert. But I'm nervous to pay hundreds of dollar for a ticket from Stubhub or something. oh well
And pictures like this don't help my OBSESSION

Me and 1D

OK friends, help me out here. Please! I need some reassurance. Here's the story...
I've always enjoyed One Direction music but honestly didn't pay too much attention to who they were. I didn't even know all of their names. Now, I honestly don't even know what happened but right around Christmas things changed!
I really don't recall what got me interested but now, as usual, I'M OBSESSED! (fan fiction, Tumblr, the lot!) But, I know it's kind of silly, but I feel a little funny.
Like I'm too old. And not just older than them but A LOT older - I mean, I'm over 30.
Please tell me, there are other "older" fans out there. Make me feel less alone! :o)


So I watched Warrior over the weekend. Wow!!!!! Loved it! Awesome, even better than I expected. I mean Tom Hardy, bulked up and fighting was enough but then it turns into a good, emotional movie that makes me cry! Come on!
So I was looking for fic. I found the stuff on AO3. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd appreciate it.


I saw Lawless last night. Wow! No spoilers. But - wow! one of those movies that you just keep thinking about. Great acting. Great story. Great music and, of course, Tom Hardy!
It was really funny. As we're leaving the theater, my mom and I are discussing the movie, and she says "You know, he has really nice lips"!!! I'm like "Yup, Ma, I know"! It made me giggle!
Anyone else see it yet?
Yes this post concerns Mr. Tom Hardy. Please help me out, fellow fans.
My big question is where can I see "Stuart: A Life Backwards". I live in the US with a regular old DVD player, therefore I cannot get it on DVD. I have Netflix but, alas, it is not available. Its also not on Amazon Instant Video. I get nervous watching videos on the Internet. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'd really appreciate it. This movie looks like it will kill me! (in a good way)
Also I belong to (on LJ) Tom Hardy Daily and Ultimate Forger and Inception film and Inception fic. Am I missing joining any great communities??

and here is Tom thinking of ways to properly thank you!

A little comic book help, pretty please

I know I read it before and now I can't find it (isn't that always the story?). I could swear it was in The Ultimates. However, I don't  remember which volume or issue. It was a story arc regarding Hawkeye. I will put it behind a cut even though it was years ago. But I don't want to spoil any comic fans out there.

COMICCollapse )

Valentine's Day Eye Candy

Sorry I'm a day late! Oops. I forgot to do this until I saw melodious329 great post. So here goes. Its hard to choose, amongst the many hotties that I enjoy! And oddly, a lot of the pix are black and white!

clickCollapse )

Hottiezzzz!Collapse )


OK maybe I'm a bit dim, but I can't quite get the hang of Tumblr. I made myself an account. But I don't know....
Is the dashboard like your LJ friends page? I don't know, I feel like I'm missing things.
I know this is kind of vague but does anybody have any tumblr tips, advice, etc. I'd appreciate it greatly.


My new obsession

So, um, yeah, have you all seen Henry Cavill, the new Superman? Wowza! Take a look
Rugged: The 28-year-old British actor has been following a strict diet and exercise plan to get in shape for the role
And I just started watching The Tudors , which I've owned for awhile. Great show and he is really hot on there, too. Just thought I'd share. That is all.